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Your favourite mountain race is...

Dear Mountain Running friends,

Public voting is a strange thing. It is like a wild river, unpredictable, unmanageable. And in this game of the votes Smarna gora has shown its temper that has been developed during the four decades of the race. We are completely aware that Smarna gora cannot be compared to the beautiful scenery of the Drei Zinnen or Grossglockner, to the extremes of Sierre Zinal, to the mass participation of some other races, or to the budget of the others. Smarna gora is not even a mountain, with 669m it is just a hill, the trails are narrow and space on the summit is very limited, so we can simply not organize a mass event. But it is the most visited peak in Slovenia, in a county where mountaineering and hiking and recently mountain running are a kind of national sport. After 40 years of the race and after hosting 18 years the World Cup final and 25 years of the Slovenian Cup final, we were determined to fight for the first ever title “the greatest”. We have activated hundreds of fans of mountain running and Smarna gora in Slovenia and abroad. And we were successful.

We know that our race is not “the best” on the world, simply because the criteria for this are not defined. We are just the winners of the WMRA contest for the “greatest mountain race all times”.

Finally, on behalf of the Smarna gora team, I would like to thanks all the people, who participated in this “voting game”, of course especially to the ones, who supported our race in all four circles of voting. I would also like to congratulate all the races-contenders; I’m sure any of those 24 races would deserve to be a winner.

Link to article on WMRA page.

Tomo Šarf, on behalf of the Smarna gora team


Šmarna gora race

Dear friends of Šmarna gora,

The 40th edition of the Šmarna gora race was a resounding success.

I wish to thanks to all of you, who were involved with the race for the past 4 decades. There would be no Šmarna gora race without you, my organizing team and of course without you, the runners!
The next edition of the Šmarna gora race - the 41st, will be on Saturday, the 3rd Oct. 2020, when we will introduce some changes and some new members of the organizing committee.


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    When you seek a relaxing workout only to find perfection: Šmarna Gora for sunrise

    I have a confession to make. I don’t do CrossFit, Zumba, fitness, cardio boxing, boot camp, anything of the kind actually. My usual workout begins right there under a lonely hill to the north of Ljubljana. With its 366 m of elevation, Šmarna Gora is everything I need to stay in shape. The best time to go? Definitely morning.

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