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It did not last long to make the idea come true and everything on this event bases on socialising, great mood, good humour, respect and joy. Other characteristics of this socialising follow these principles:
  • The day of socialising is set »just before now« (approximately a week before – it is announced on TF(Tekaški forum), according to the weather forecast (nothing is more beautiful than watching the sunrise)
  • The socialising is informal and in principle open, but without any special publicity
  • Non-formal applications are gathered on Tekaški forum (Runners forum), due to easier organisation and preparation of the start numbers
  • The race starts at 2 am at the 'stair', turns on the top of Šmarna gora by the inn entrance, the end of event is at 2 pm on the top
  • In the valley and on the top everybody marks his times into a notebook, so the race is based on trust, the number of ascent is counted
  • Everybody takes care of his own food and drinks, but one can always find some additional drinks and snacks by the track (ex. The tea at start ...)
  • As we respect the nature only the blazed trail Over the roots is used
  • Obligatory equipment: smile, good humour and positive energy (if you lack a piece of equipment – we can get it for you.)
Such event was organised for the first time in 2009, where the impressions, feedback, athmosphere and also conditions in the end were excellent and it became almost self-evident that the necessary socialising event will happen again next year. And so it did.
David Kadunc - AVI
and the merry company of Tekaški forum
The results, reports and photos can be seen on the website of the 12 hour record.