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Šmarna gora is due to its relatively little scale and steep slopes all but an ideal range for mountain biking. Practically all the paths that are at least roughly »usable« for mountain biking, are very visited.
To all those who would like to test their condition on Šmarna gora, it offers some marvellous, but technically and physically exceptionally demanding opportunities.  

The road from Zavrh over the saddle is the easiest and appropriate for ascent; for an average mountain bike it is the only one that is suitable for descent.

Those – more determined – can use one of the more demanding paths to descend: Trail over Peske, Pilgrimage trail from Saddle to Tacen, part of the walking circular path on the part around Šmarna gora and one can still find other options.  

But as I said – all these paths are taken really often and if you must, do bike in the morning hours when there are less people.  

And do not forget – the paths were principally meant for visitors of Šmarna gora, those who came here to find peace, so please be tactful when descending!