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Besides the tour skiers that lately due to a lot of snow in winter visit Šmarna gora more often, sledding is very popular if there is enough snow.
The most recommended trail for sledding is the road from Zavrh. The most favourable conditions for sledding are when there is about 25 cm of snow and the temperature is low enough that the snow stays dry enough. After a day or two when the track is hard and fortified, the sledding can be a real adrenaline sport. When the track is really covered with ice we do not recommend sledding as the sled will take you to the valley too quickly.
In each weather and snow condition we recommend good and firm sled, helmet and a head light in case of dusk, especially for the walkers to notice you in time. Similar as with skiing also with sledding there is a rule that you descend at the speed that enables you to stop at any moment.