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Ljubljana people do not need a special introduction of Šmarna gora – everybody knows it as the majority of us climb it occassionally. Even though that the traditional »Run of Šmarna gora« each year attracts the cream of the world mountain runners, the trails of Šmarna gora are not that interesting to the average recreative runners, usually running on the flat roads. They are too steep, too many exposed rocks and roots demand especially when descending a lot of concentration and specific techniques of run. Zadnji del poti okoli Šmarne gore med Savo in Goro But the close neighbourhood of Šmarna gora does offer wonderful running paths. The inner side of the semicircle that is limited by Črnuče on the east, on the north of slopes of Rašica and Šmarna gora, on the west the hill of Šenvid and on South-East the Šiška's suburban areas offer marvellous running ranges where each one of us can find suitable terrains, considering the length of track and the sort of ground as the configuration or the diversity of the terrain.

Tacenski most okoli leta 1960 For starting point we choose the bridge across Sava in Tacen under Šmarna gora – we all know it, as it is known as the meeting place among our friends. We can take the city traffic bus to the starting point and for those who come by car – there are two parking areas in the neighbourhood – one for visitors of Šmarna gora, the second to the rowers. Pogled s proge By choosing the running track we tried to find tracks that pass the terrain where there is no mud in rainy weather, where there is less traffic and where one cannot expect troubles with landowners and, last but not least, where paving the way does not demand bigger interventions in the natural environment. We tried to grant the needs of runners of all skill levels – from beginners on flat shorter paths who interchange running with walking, to demanding runners who want to include in their training also longer runs over diverse terrain.

We looked for the tracks that go over illuminated less-frequented asphalt roads – so they are suitable for evening runs, also for women runner who do not feel safe on lonely forest trails. Then we planned the trails to be able to connect in the near future with the planned trails on the left and right bank of Sava between Tacen/Brod and on the slopes of Rašica and the Šentviški hrib. In the center of this circle there is also a nice but rarely frequented athletic track, where the most enthusiastic can have their real athletic training.

The tracks, 130 km's in length are split into four parts.

Večina poti vodi po poljih okoli Šmarne gore The tracks from 10 to 19 are shorter (up to 7 km) and go over the outskirts of urban settlement (Tacen, Brod), so mostly on the asphalt and are covered mainly with the city street lightning. That is way they are suitable for autumn afternoons and evenings where the days are short, outside the settled road there is also a lot of mud. They are suitable for walks and first cycling trips with little children.

In Medno all the tracks make a turn around the fire house – seemingly illogical turn is made so we run for good 100 metres besides Celovška cesta and when possible safely cross the main road, without having to stop and interrupt the rhythm of our run.

The second group of considerately diverse tracks (tracks 20 to 29), 10 to 20 km in length, are joined by the circle around Šmarna gora. They all encircle our Gora clockwise, the key part (in the north of Šmarna gora) is common, the others are variants chosen in the way that a heterogenous group of runners can start the run together, then every smaller group can choose their own option so that in an hour they meet together at the starting point to have some tea (or beer).

Poti okoli Šmarne gore vodijo mimo Misove kmetije Mentioning the circle around Šmarna gora, we have to warn the runners that under the village Zavrh there is a shooting range where hunters community has its practice every Friday from 5 pm till dusk from the middle of April to the middle of October. In case that, when approaching the highest point of the track (350 m), you hear pounding, we recommend no to turn left and downwards but continue through the village of Zavrh and on the road to Šmarna gora – of course you can also turn around and come back to the starting point of one of the variants.

The third and the fourth group present a choice of tracks more suitable for mountaineers. They are more demanding, something in between mountain running and street running. When choosing we tried to look for more running (less steep) variants and avoid mud, they are about 10 km's in length. The tracks from 30 to 39 lead over Šentviški hrib, 40 to 49 over Šmarna gora. During the summer the Rašica area was added.

So we present you with our CHOICE - by clicking the separate number of track a PDF document with the description of tracks and maps will open. It will serve you for better orientation on the terrain. The document is ready for print.
Good run!


A Not demanding - Brod, Tacen Track number: 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Lenght in km: 1,5 2,1 2,8 4,1 5,1 6,5 7,0

B Wavy - around Šmarna gora Track : 20 21 22 23
Lenght km / difference in height in m: 10,5 / 90 12,0 / 95 16,0 / 100 20,0 / 110

C Diverse - Šentviški hrib Track Number: 30 - Medenski hrib 31 - Golo brdo - Medenski hrib
Lenght km / difference in height in m: 9,0 km / 195 m 13,5 km / 380 m

D Diverse - Šmarna gora Track Number: 40 Criss Cross over Šmarna gora 41 (Zavrh-ŠG)
Lenght km / difference in height in m: 9,2 km / 225 m 13 km / 400 m

Instructions for use::

By clicking the number of the track a A4-sheet will open – ready to print:
1. The map – where the path with kilometres is marked
2. The profile, from which the length and diversity, the lower line shows the sort of ground.
3. Description of the track

LEGEND for the lower line in the profile:

  • black - asphalt
  • orange - macadam
  • green - track