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Šmarna gora can pride itself with a real climing route and real climbing wall that has presented a challenge to the alpinists and sport climbers for a century.

The trail that is named Pogačnik's climbing route starts in Vikrče, just under the rocks of Vikrče. Then it leads over the eroded passage between the rocky scale called Turenc and the massive of Grmada then it rises to the exposed shelves till the hardest part. Here it continues right up over the vertical wall – the place is exposed and technically quite demanding – the only support you have are the spikes and the steel wire, under the feet a 10-and-even-more-metres-deep abyss. The second variant of the route goes right under 'the ladder' and continues on a partially exposed slope, this variant is less exposed but it still demands some knowledge and courage. When you beat the demanding technical part, the troubles are over. But not the slope – we will bite our knees till the connection to the gorgy Wester's trail.
The climbing route is most suitable as the test tour for serious climbs to high mountains – the one who copes it, will probably be able to surpass also the technical routes as the climb from Kredarica to Triglav or something similar. In no way this is a route that would be suitable for everybody; even though your only on Šmarna gora – the route with all its characteristics of real »ferrata« - crossing the vertical wall with firm rock with nice skulls and the void under feet and lots of iron – spikes of all sorts and vertical ladder!
Those, who find the Pogačnikova trail too easy, can find a bigger challenge in the walls around rocky scale, named »Turenc«. Climbing this part demands knowledge of alpinistic skills and appropriate equipment and climbing it is therefore classified as an alpinistic activity. All that are interested in such activities can find more information in Climbing association and Alpinist section.